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Innovative imaging methods in abdominal surgery at the University Hospital Leipzig

For the abdominal and visceral surgeons at the Leipzig University Hospital (UKL), the “high-tech operating room” is already a reality. Not only that with the new type of hyperspectral imaging (HSI), the fluorescence display with ICG (=Indocyanine Green) and the use of surgical robots, the most modern and therefore safest procedures for the patients are used, recently they can thanks a so-called MIC tower (MIC stands for “minimally invasive surgery”) can also be combined.

Several HSI cameras are available for the robotic and minimally invasive OPs. “This technique is used across the entire spectrum of abdominal surgery, but particularly in tumors of the gastrointestinal tract,” explains Prof. Ines Gockel, Director of Visceral Surgery at the UKL. With the MIC tower, robotics, HSI and fluorescence imaging can now be combined with ICG (indocyanine green). The Leipzig abdominal surgeons are hoping for even higher quality and patient safety from this type of precision surgery.

"With the use of hyperspectral imaging, we can make what was previously invisible to the human eye visible," explains Prof. Gockel. "For three years we have been researching and practicing this innovative intraoperative imaging method in cooperation with ICCAS, the Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery at the University of Leipzig. This is particularly helpful for assessing surgical anastomoses, i.e. newly created connections in the gastrointestinal tract after tumor removal.

Because the anastomotic leak, i.e. when the new connection does not hold, represents the most serious and momentous complication in visceral surgery: "With hyperspectral imaging, the perfusion, i.e. the blood flow conditions in particular can be better assessed - as the most important prerequisite for a good healing,” says Prof. Gockel.

On the initiative of the UKL visceral surgeons, several multi-centre studies are now being carried out to demonstrate the advantages for the patient resulting from the use of new technologies during the operation. The data already collected in Leipzig with excellent results in the operated patients are to be evaluated in this way.

Source: Press release University Hospital Leipzig from 18.08.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

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