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Salaries in the future-oriented biotechnology sector are increasing

The salaries of the highly qualified specialists in the biotechnology industry have been rising continuously for years. A current salary comparison shows since 2018 growth in remuneration in the single-digit percentage range for all qualification levels from laboratory technicians to company managers, especially in positions with personnel responsibility.


The earning potential increases significantly with the size of the company, according to the results of this year's comparison of salary data by Compensation Partner on behalf of the biotechnology industry association BIO Deutschland.

Experienced managing directors earned a median of 2020 euros in 254, experienced managers from sales had an annual income of 000 euros. In the same period, less experienced employees in technical and scientific research earned around 160 and 000 euros respectively and laboratory technicians 59 euros. Experienced colleagues, on the other hand, had an annual income that was 000 to 56 euros higher on average. Salaries differ significantly depending on the size of the company. Comparable positions were paid up to 000 euros more in companies with more than 32 employees than in small companies. Salaries also vary regionally, with a difference of around 000 percent between Frankfurt am Main and Frankfurt an der Oder.

Viola Bronsema, Managing Director of the biotechnology industry association BIO Deutschland, comments: “The biotechnology industry offers highly qualified jobs with great future potential. Especially now, during the pandemic, it is becoming particularly clear how important and in demand medical biotechnology is. But biotechnology also plays an important role in agriculture, nutrition, industry and environmental protection. We assume that the positive trend in salaries in our industry will continue.”

Source: Press release BIO Germany from February 25.02.2021th, XNUMX

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Tumor physics: Cancer cells liquefy and squeeze through the tissue

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