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Experts present new drugs at "Bio Europe" in Leipzig

Several thousand representatives of biotechnology, medical technology and the healthcare industry come together in Leipzig for the international industry meeting, “Bio Europe”. Companies are looking for new projects or partners for their products. Some biotech companies are presenting new developments that are intended to alleviate well-known diseases such as glaucoma.

Starting this Monday, 4.800 experts from all over the world will meet in Leipzig for the international trade fair "BioEurope“. For the companies, it is about joint projects in biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare in order to build up business with the pharmaceutical industry, said the managing director of the biosaxony association, André Hofmann.

Leipzig plays in a league with Munich

Hofmann managed to bring the industry's biggest meeting to Leipzig: “Leipzig has now arrived in the champions league of technology locations. We are now on the same map as Munich or Stockholm.” This year's fair is the largest ever held. The fair is also a marketplace for companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Large companies would look for new projects here, small companies would look for partners for their newly developed products.

Glaucoma: eye drops against illness

The biotech company Mannin is also present at “Bio Europe”. The company is based in Bio City Leipzig and researches treatment methods for the glaucoma, Managing Director Isabel Antholz explained: "Our approach is a vascular repair or treatment that can occur in different parts of the body."

The idea behind it: a bio-marker should recognize earlier if a person has glaucoma. Therapy could then begin immediately. The company also wants to develop eye drops that better stop the progression of the disease, says Antholz: "We want to offer better therapies than those that are already available today."

Cooperation needed for medicines

The company wants to establish contacts for cooperation at the trade fair, said Managing Director Antholz: “It is a huge opportunity for us that the trade fair is in Saxony this year. This allows us to become much better known.” No company can act on its own in the industry, but needs collaborations, says Antholz: "We need knowledge from very different areas in order to be able to develop a drug and bring it to market."

25.000 people employed in biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the central future industries, said the State Secretary in the Saxon Ministry of Economic Affairs, Thomas Kralinski, at the fair: "Biotechnology can make a contribution to being able to cure diseases that we cannot cure at the moment." More than 200 million euros have flowed into the industry for research purposes in recent years, said Kralinski. In addition, 25.000 people are employed in biotechnology in Saxony. “Leipzig and Dresden are a hotspot within Germany, but also in Europe. The attraction of the cities is great,” says Kralinski.

Source: mdr Saxony from 24.10.2022

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