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c-LEcta launches new product DENARASE ELISA Kit

As an addition to the previous product DENARASE, c-LEcta now offers the DENARASE ELISA Kit, an enzyme for the production of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. With the new test system, the concentration of DENARASE in biological samples can be determined with the highest level of accuracy. The kit is used for analytical monitoring of biotechnological production processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Compared to other products, the test set developed by c-LEcta has higher sensitivity and selectivity. With the introduction of the DENARASE ELISA Kit, c-LEcta is expanding its range for the pharmaceutical industry and adding another member to the DENARASE product family.

Source: Communication from the c-Lecta GmbH from 28.05.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

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Structural change in the central German mining area

On May 18th, the 2nd public ideas competition of the innovation region Central Germany for structural change in the central German district started. Companies and individuals based or located in the innovation region of Central Germany can submit project ideas with model character until July 17, 2020. This can involve innovative products, services and business models as well as forms of cooperation and networking. The applications must be related to the four future fields of the regional investment concept (RIK) of the innovative region of Central Germany: 1. Use of value creation potential, 2. Design of the future energy region, 3. Movement with mobility and logistics and 4. Enjoyment through networked attractiveness.


The medical technology industry is facing major challenges

Berlin / Stuttgart – The medical technology industry, especially in Germany and Europe, is subject to a far-reaching process of change: price pressure, digitization and internationalization as well as the tightening of regulatory requirements pose major challenges for medium-sized medtech companies and lead to a significant acceleration in consolidation. Even if the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be conclusively assessed at this time, it is to be expected that the financial scope of action available to the affected companies will be restricted in the future. In order to maintain competitiveness through the development of new technologies and business models and to exploit market opportunities, companies will therefore be more dependent on new investors and mergers in the future.