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BVMed: Medtech 2030 initiative aims to strengthen Germany as a production and research location

For the 2021 federal election, BVMed is calling for an overall strategy for the medical technology industry in a 12-point position paper. With the Medtech 2030 initiative, the association wants to achieve a stronger interlocking of health, economic and research policy.


In its position paper, the Bundesverband Medizintechnologie eV, BVMed, criticizes the fact that the contribution and needs of the medtech industry are only partially recognized, especially by economic and research policy. In order to develop an overall strategy, the areas in "Initiative Medtech 2030" should be better interlinked.

Medtech initiative to support companies

“The departments of economy, research and health must pull together with the German Bundestag and the industry. To this end, we propose a 'Initiative Medtech 2030'”, explains BVMed Managing Director Dr. Marc Pierre Moell in view of the federal elections in September. To strengthen Germany as a research location, BVMed proposes, among other things, the Development of a medical technology innovation agency as well as one better access to supply data for the researching medtech companies. The German Medical Technology Association is also concerned with getting more involved complete supply processes orientation, reducing bureaucracy and advancing digital services as well as telemedical and AI-based systems.

Strengthen medical technology research in the state

According to BVMed, a main focus of the strategic process must be specifically on the strengthening the medium-sized structure of the medical products industry. The medtech industry in Germany employs more than 235 people and is more than 000% medium-sized. "Research and production must continue to be possible for medium-sized medical technology companies in Germany, must be funded and expanded," says the BVMed paper. To the Framework for the To improve research in Germany, BVMed is in favor of every company being able to deduct 10% of its self-financed R&D expenses from its tax liability (“tax credit”). Germany also needs one more application-oriented medical technology research.

More digitization in healthcare

BVMed sees an overarching digital strategy as the key to a positive innovation and investment climate in Germany for health care to develop. A key component of this strategy should be the use and provision of electronic health data, the secondary use of health data, a project-related right for researching companies to apply for the research data space and the standardization of data protection regulations in the federal states.

New financing system for hospitals

In the inpatient sector, BVMed advocates a comprehensive reform of hospital financing. The case-based flat rate system should be retained. The association demands that a DRG future commission should be set up and the medtech industry involved. A future financing system would have to take quality-oriented supply processes into account in particular. The reform should also simplify billing regulations and abolish volume control requirements.

New approach to homecare benefits

In the outpatient sector, BVMed speaks for itself new quality concepts in the Aid supply off. For this, a nationwide quality control must be introduced by the health insurance companies. In addition, homecare should be anchored in SGB V and the right to homecare should be defined. "In order for patients to have a secure claim to the coordination of aids and services that cannot be decoupled, these homecare services must be anchored in SGB V as so-called homecare services in addition to the supply of aids," says the BVMed paper.

Regarding the BVMed position paper:

Source: Online article medicine & technology from 08.01.2021

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