Development of the Saxon AI competence center is gaining momentum

The Saxon AI Competence Center, which is currently being set up, is taking the next important step. At the Leipzig location, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig inaugurated the new premises for the Living Lab. The rooms in Löhrs Carré are used to share the current research approaches and research results of ScaDS.AI with the public and to exchange ideas with different target groups. In this way, AI research should become approachable and address both everyday public issues and innovative solutions to business concerns.

The Graduate School is also an integral part of the ScaDS.AI concept. This is a structured doctoral program in the field of data science and AI, which offers doctoral students from both locations not only optimal research conditions, but also a wide range of qualification opportunities and an excellent supervision strategy. Promising doctoral students are recruited at both universities, but also nationally and internationally.
The new premises now offer the Living Lab and the Graduate School optimal conditions at the Leipzig location.

Science Minister Sebastian Gemkow got an impression of the Living Lab on site. He then said:
»Artificial intelligence is a key technology that will have a significant impact on the way we live and work in the coming years. In order to keep Saxon research on AI methods and applications competitive on a global scale and to be able to develop an innovative lead, concrete investments in the research infrastructure are also needed. With the support of the Free State, one of five federal AI competence centers will be set up in Saxony starting next year. The University of Leipzig and TU Dresden are tackling this challenge together with many non-university research institutions and other partners. Living Lab and Graduate School are important pillars in this process because they make the development of the competence center visible and underpin the strategic importance of this technology for Germany and Europe for society as a whole.«

Prof. Erhard Rahm, Co-Director ScaDS.AI adds:
ScaDS.AI combines the excellent AI and data science research expertise of Univ. Leipzig and the TU Dresden as well as ten non-university institutions for the development of scalable and trustworthy machine learning methods and their transfer into economic and scientific applications. With today's inauguration of our ScaDS.AI Graduate School and the Leipzig Living Lab, two important pillars of our research center will be strengthened. On the one hand the training and strengthening of young scientists and on the other hand the promotion of a broad dialogue about AI and data science research in society.

ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig (Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence) is a center for data science, artificial intelligence and big data with locations in Dresden and Leipzig.

ScaDS.AI has succeeded in attracting important federal investments to Saxony. This means that the Free State will not only benefit from developed applications in the future, but will also actively shape the development.

Source: Press release from the Saxon State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism from October 07.10.2021th, XNUMX