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Relaunch of the market leader - Vita 34 revitalizes brand and portfolio

Brand strategy with a clear focus / purpose: a more vital future for everyone / launch of a national out-of-home campaign / marketing award

Rejuvenation for the brand world of cord blood bank Vita 34: With a planned expansion of the business area and the stringent transformation into a cell bank, the DACH market leader for the storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord its product portfolio and its target groups. In marketing, the company is focusing on a progressive future - with a new brand strategy, clear purpose, fresh design and a national out-of-home campaign.


More than 230.000 existing customers have so far decided to store stem cells from umbilical cord blood in Europe's first private stem cell bank, which was founded in 1997. With the recently started transformation into a cell bank, the company is focusing on further growth in the near future. With the planned introduction of the storage of the body's own fatty tissue and the stem cells it contains, as well as the planned expansion of the product range by the cryopreservation of immune cells from peripheral blood and umbilical cord blood, the course has been set for further enormous market potential. Because in the future, the range of products will no longer only be aimed at expectant parents, but at people of all ages.


The expansion of the product portfolio and the significant expansion of the target groups required a complete repositioning of the brand. A comprehensive analysis provided the basis for this. This revealed, among other things, that a woman in Germany is on average 29,6 years old when she has her first child and that this target group finds the previous brand image to be antiquated and not very modern. In addition, the brand lacked a clear differentiation from the competition and a clear focus in positioning.

Deriving from this, Vita 34 started a comprehensive relaunch process, which was intended to make the vitality and progress of the brand tangible. As a strategic and creative partner, the company relied on the expertise of the global brand agency MetaDesign, headquartered in Berlin. Together with the brand professionals, a brand purpose was developed, which from now on will serve as the guiding principle for all future corporate actions. The basis for this was the strategic repositioning with a clear focus on the future. While parents used to take the decision for their newborns as to whether the storage of stem cells and the associated opportunities in individualized therapy should be used, now everyone has the opportunity to actively benefit from medical advances. With the new purpose "We enable a more vital future for everyone", this is becoming part of the DNA of Vita 34. Health is thus becoming an essential part of the individual lifestyle and a status symbol. All future marketing measures will follow the new brand core “For more vitality in life” and the values ​​“human”, “progressive” and “uncomplicated”.


From now on, the brand experience of Vita 34 will be shaped by defining four basic principles. The principle of "progress" puts innovations at the center of everything we do. "For Life" positions everyone's vitality as the ultimate goal. Access to the brand and the ability to empathize are based on the principle of “user first” and “empowerment” means that all Vita 34 products are there for people.

These attributes were then translated into the look and feel of the design. Lively colours, organic forms and a clear structure now characterize the company's external appearance. The basic graphic elements are derived from the elements string and cell and form the visual starting point for striking graphics, explanatory pictograms or abstract design elements.

Key word: written. The LL Circular from the Swiss company Lineto was chosen as the new corporate font. With its round shapes, it supports the principle of vitality. At the same time, it looks modern and clear.

The visual language also has a clear line. Emotional motifs show people in their natural environment - during sports, outdoors or with the family. Proximity and dynamism play a major role here. The colors of the photos are slightly desaturated, with natural light source and radiate warmth.


This repositioning of Vita 34 is also publicly perceptible. With a national campaign, the progressive brand world can be experienced out-of-home in print ads, in the waiting room TV of medical practices and clinics, as well as in the cities of Leipzig, Munich and Hamburg. Society's ignorance on this subject was addressed with a twinkle in the eye. With the questions "Navel ... what?" or "What kind of blood?", curiosity about the content is aroused and awareness of this important topic is raised.


Relaunch with Impact! Immediately after the start of the campaign, Vita 34 received a direct positive response for the creative courage and the inspiring implementation of the new brand strategy. As the winner of the Leipzig Marketing Prize 2019, the company prevailed against numerous competitors and convinced the top-class jury of the Marketing-Club-Leipzig eV, above all with the holistic approach and the demonstrable success in the redesign of the entire marketing. "The vitality of the brand appearance corresponds to the product, which requires a lot of explanation, in all areas and communication channels", the jurors justified their decision and at the same time confirmed the enormous impact of the brand relaunch.

Source: Press release Vita 34 AG from January 28, 2020

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