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Prize for innovation in medical technology

Every two years, the German Society for Biomedical Engineering in the VDE, in cooperation with the Klee Family Foundation, awards outstanding solutions to medical issues. The price is endowed with a total of EUR 10.000 and is awarded a certificate.

Work is honored that “through a novel combination of medical and technical knowledge, makes it possible to cure diseases, improve their therapy or mitigate the effects of the disease” (foundation founder Gerhard Klee).

What are the participation requirements? 
Interdisciplinary projects created in Germany are eligible to participate,

  • through technical and scientifiche collaboration has produced innovative solutions to medical issues, 
  • whose technological approaches have a high novelty value and
  • whose marketability and/or successful transfer can be demonstrated

Previous winners are excluded from participating again.

What documents are required when submitting? 
Participants must

  • briefly describe the innovative content of the work on one to three pages and list all scientists involved and their respective roles,
  • point out publications, patents and other publicly accessible representations (e.g. websites) of the innovation and
  • demonstrate clinical testing (for engineers) or technical innovation (for doctors).

A CV must also be submitted and the purpose of the prize money must be explained.

Please send your documents in digital form by April 30, 2024 at the latest to the German Society for Biomedical Engineering or the VDE. Further information here.

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1st BioCity Campus After Work Beer Event 2024 on April 24.04th

Free beer for everyone who works at the BIO CITY Campus and of course also network partners. Come by and enjoy the warm atmosphere, which always creates good contacts.