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7th place: Leipzig University Hospital again among the best hospitals in Germany

In the current hospital list “Germany's TOP 100 Hospitals” by the magazine “STERN”, the University Hospital Leipzig (UKL) occupies an excellent 7th place. The special issue of the news magazine was published on July 23rd.

The only places ahead of the UKL were the Berlin Charité as the best place, as well as the University Hospitals of Schleswig-Holstein, LMU Munich, Dresden - as the second Saxon representative - as well as Heidelberg and Freiburg. In 30 departments, UKL clinics and facilities are recommended as excellent.

The lists are created by Munich Inquire Media (MINQ), an independent research company from Munich. According to the “STERN”, the central point of the research is the reputation of the specialist departments and the leading doctors. Evaluations of the "white list" of the health insurance companies, quality reports published by the clinics and - with high priority - certificates from medical specialist societies would also be used.

The 30 distinguished departments of the UKL are:

Shoulder and elbow surgery, spine surgery, endoprosthetics, accident surgery, thyroid surgery, eye diseases, dental clinics (OMG and tooth preservation), skin, stroke, diabetes (endocrinology and nephrology, pediatric and adolescent medicine), depression, psychosomatics, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's (neurology, psychiatry) , multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, risk births, bariatric surgery, pediatric surgery, brain tumors, leukemia, pelvic tumors, skin cancer and prostate cancer.

"To be among the very best hospitals in Germany after another very difficult year makes us very proud and is proof of the quality of care for so many patients at our university hospital and the ability and motivation of our employees," explains Prof. Christoph Josten, Medical Director of the UKL.​

Source: Press release University Hospital Leipzig 27.07.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX

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