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New cluster brochure for healthcare and biotechnology

The Office for Economic Development has published a new brochure for the health care and biotechnology cluster. The occasion is the 20th anniversary of the biotechnology offensive in Saxony.

“Leipzig's healthcare industry, with its 45.000 employees, is the backbone of the city's economic success. Their sub-sectors are closely interwoven with Leipzig's science and economy, especially in the digitization sector," explains Mayor for Economy, Labor and Digital Affairs, Uwe Albrecht.

With 25 internationally renowned research institutions and clinics and around 2.600 companies, the cluster covers the entire value chain: from research and development to production and marketing to logistics and service.

The brochure provides detailed information about what makes Leipzig's healthcare industry special with its innovative sub-sectors of biotechnology and medical technology. Entrepreneurs, players and leading scientists in the industry have their say. It also contains a comprehensive overview of the relevant networks and innovative lighthouse projects from the cluster.

Further information

The brochure is available for free download at:

BioCity Campus Leipzig:

Industry association for biotechnology and medical technology biosaxony e. v.:


Source: Report from the city of Leipzig from September 09.09.2020th, XNUMX

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