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"More security, less search effort and a reduction in sources of error": Indical Bioscience relies on digital change and document management

Whether the suspicion of an infection can be cleared up quickly is sometimes decisive for the lives of thousands of farm animals: from African swine fever to bird flu to mastitis that occurs in dairy cows - INDICAL BIOSCIENCE GmbH offers diagnostic test methods and reagents. The global company based in Leipzig relies on modern document management for ongoing improvement and time-critical processing.

At the latest, the global fight against COVID-19 made it clear how fast, adaptable and reliable diagnostic test methods must be. Constant improvements, short-term reactions and careful quality management on the part of the manufacturer are essential for this. “Although a lot of this is done digitally, paper documents are still required. For this we need a powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. It gives us the security that everyone is only working on the most up-to-date document and that the process structure is being adhered to,” explains Anke Thieme, Quality Management Officer at INDICAL BIOSCIENCE. Also with a view to future needs, the decision was made in 2018 to introduce enaio from Optimal Systems Bielefeld. The software company offers solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of the medical, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries.

Save time searching

In the first step, the pre-configured and individually adaptable best-practice solution “Controlled Documents” replaced an older ECM software that users often felt was not intuitive and flexible enough. In principle, enaio creates a classic file structure with different registers: documents, attachments, test reports and logs are stored together for each project or product. Keywording makes it easy to research and find: “The search function is great – and it saves a lot of time,” says Thieme from experience. “Even compared to other systems I know, it is very convenient and simple. Even if you don't know the title of the document you're looking for - you'll always find it in enaio."

error excluded

At the same time, automated workflows in enaio's best-practice solutions ensure that only valid documents that have already gone through all the necessary verification and approval processes are displayed. This means that outdated or unauthorized documents cannot accidentally be processed. All changes are also logged in the background, the application guarantees the security and integrity of the data and at the same time monitors the retention periods. Thieme even sees the greatest advantage of the new ECM solution in these functions: “It gives us security and structure. We can work on different documents without worrying about their validity or topicality - and save ourselves time-consuming meetings with many participants who would otherwise have to be brought together." Instead of distributing tasks in a group, enaio can, for example Procedural instructions can be linked to controlled documents - easily visible and comprehensible for every employee with the appropriate authorization.

Change will be the next step

The expansion of the application is already in progress: INDICAL BIOSCIENCE would like to put enaio's best-practice solution "Change Management" into operation in the near future. "Here we are breaking new ground, the area has not yet been covered by software," reports Thieme. Due to the far-reaching possibilities for adapting to the existing processes, extensive testing is required before going live. However, Thieme already sees “the best conditions” for a productive operation that supports quality management at INDICAL BIOSCIENCE. She is looking forward to the start: "The best-practice solution "Change Management" from enaio will definitely help to minimize sources of error and ensure the fast, consistent implementation of changes." For the future, the Implementation of further enaio modules in planning, including technical documentation and contract management.

INDICAL BIOSCIENCE was founded around 25 years ago as Labordiagnose Leipzig (LDL) and was taken over by the Dutch test specialist QIAGEN in 2012. In the course of a spin-off, INDICAL BIOSCIENCE became independent again in 2018. Represented in 169 countries around the world, the company today is characterized by strategic innovation, high quality standards and solid growth.


The OPTIMAL SYSTEMS group of companies, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Berlin, specializes in the development and sale of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. Small, medium-sized and large companies as well as municipal bodies can thus fully meet all the requirements of modern document and information management. As an independent group of companies and part of the global Kyocera Group, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS currently employs over 500 people at 16 locations. In addition to companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Serbia, it works with over 75 sales and cooperation partners worldwide, including iTelligence, NetApp, adesso, IBM, Microsoft and SAP.

The IT solutions from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS support the implementation of digital workplaces. With the help of the comprehensive Enterprise Content Management Suite enaio®, companies can structure their knowledge efficiently, manage it transparently and archive it in an audit-proof manner. With over 100 proven specialist solutions, enaio® covers the requirements of almost every business area and is constantly being expanded.

More information about OPTIMAL SYSTEMS and enaio® can be found at

Source: Press release OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH from March 29.03.2021th, XNUMX

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