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Kretschmer sees "exciting and great future" for Saxony's biotechnology industry

The number of employees has more than tripled since the Free State offensive 20 years ago

Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer has described the development of biotechnology in Bavaria over the past two decades as a success story and sees a great future for the industry.

»Twenty years ago, the Free State laid the foundation for an impressive success story with the start of the biotechnology offensive. This has been a decisive help in promoting the settlement of new companies and in strengthening the state as a whole as a science location," said Kretschmer on Wednesday in Dresden at the "Life Science Forum Saxony 20 - 2020 Years of Biotechnology" in Dresden.

The focus of the biotechnology offensive decided in 2000 was the construction of two new start-up centers in Dresden and Leipzig. The special thing about it: Science and business were located under one roof in BIO CITY LEIPZIG and the Bioinnovation Center Dresden. At the same time, new professorships with junior research groups were set up. As a result, many other young biotechnology companies settled around the centers and throughout Saxony.

To date, the Free State has funded the expansion of the industry with around one billion euros, with great support from the federal government and the European Union.

There are now more than 300 companies and research institutions with around 15.000 employees in Bavaria. The number of companies has doubled since the start of the biotechnology offensive, and the number of employees in the industry has more than tripled.

Kretschmer said that the decisions at that time were a great effort and at the same time an example of forward-looking politics. He recalled that there had been harsh criticism of the plans at the time. In the end, however, the initiative paid off. Today, Saxony is one of the most dynamic regions in Germany in the field of biotechnology. It has succeeded in attracting many great scientists and building a good ecosystem. The industry has an "exciting and great future."

With reference to the global corona pandemic, Kretschmer made it clear that Saxony, too, had to keep the money together in view of the collapse in tax revenues. "In order not to jeopardize what has been achieved, the Free State will continue to invest in key areas," he announced. This also included biotechnology and research and science in general.

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Source: Press release from the Saxon State Chancellery from September 09.09.2020th, XNUMX

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