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The Leipzig University Hospital and Saventic Health are starting a collaboration to diagnose rare diseases using artificial intelligence

Leipzig University Hospital and the MedTech start-up Saventic Health are pleased to announce the immediate start of their groundbreaking partnership. The collaboration will support doctors and medical staff in discovering rare diseases more quickly with the help of state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

The start-up Saventic Health specializes in programming artificial intelligence in the medical field. Your technically innovative, AI-powered platform Saventic Med is implemented into the clinic's internal systems to help doctors at Leipzig University Hospital make early diagnoses of rare diseases. Both parties are excited about the results and the potential benefits this collaboration will bring to the medical care of affected patients.

“We recognize the immense potential of using artificial intelligence in the medical field. This technology can help our doctors detect diseases even earlier and optimize treatment. We look forward to the project with great anticipation as we firmly believe that it can help improve healthcare for patients.” explained Cornelia Naumann, Consultant to the commercial board of the Leipzig University Hospital.

Auch Szymon Piatkowski, CEO, and Maciej Klein, Managing Director of Saventic Health, are optimistic about the collaboration and are sure that the expertise of Leipzig University Hospital provides the ideal basis for developing advanced AI-supported diagnostic solutions.

About Saventic Health (SH)

Saventic Health was founded in 2019 and now employs almost 50 people. The company is part of Biosaxony’s start-up accelerator program “Medical Forge” in Leipzig. Its goal is to use artificial intelligence to support the diagnosis process of rare diseases as well as clinical studies and to optimize patient monitoring. Electronic data sets and AI-powered algorithms form the basis for their platforms Saventic Med (for clinics) and Saventic Care (for patients).

Managing Director of Saventic Health GmbH: Szymon Piatkowski, Maciej Klein

University Hospital Leipzig

The Leipzig University Hospital is the largest hospital in Leipzig with almost 1.500 beds, 400.000 patients per year and more than 6.000 employees. The campus brings together around 60 clinics, departments, research centers and student teaching facilities. The Leipzig University Hospital is the sponsor of the largest vocational school for medical professions in Saxony and trains several hundred young talent in nursing and other specialist professions every year. These include human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and, since 2022, midwifery.

With computer-assisted surgical planning and execution, innovative diagnostic options and novel therapies, the Leipzig University Hospital focuses on the most modern medical care.

Board/management of the clinic: ​Prof. Dr. Christoph Josten (Medical Director), Dr. Robert Jacob (Commercial Director)

Source: Saventic Health as of September 15.09.2023, XNUMX


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