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Application final sprint for the 2nd public ideas competition of the innovation region Central Germany

With the 2nd public ideas competition, the innovation region of central Germany is looking for innovative projects that have positive effects on structural change in the central German mining area. Project ideas with a model character can be submitted until July 17r funding can be submitted via the “Untersuchungs Revier” program.

“The structural change in the Central German Revier can only succeed if the companies and innovators in the region are involved. The model project 'Enterprise Revier' is the only program that gives them direct access to structural change funds and thus promotes entrepreneurial investments and commitment," says Werner Huhnschäfer, project manager of the Central German Innovation Region, explaining the importance of the competition.

In the past few weeks, numerous applicants have already informed themselves about the specific funding conditions. A total of EUR 1,6 million in annual funding is available for the new competition. Companies and natural persons based or located in the innovation region of Central Germany are entitled to submit their project ideas. This can be innovative products, services and business models as well as new forms of cooperation and networking. The applications submitted by July 17 must relate to the four future fields of the regional investment concept (RIK) of the innovation region of Central Germany: "Use of value creation potential", "Design of the future energy region", "Movement with mobility and logistics" and "Enjoyment through networked attractiveness”. The application documents are checked on the basis of a list of criteria and selected for funding by the regional recommendation committee (REG) of the innovation region of Central Germany. The projects can then start from the beginning of 2021. All information and forms for the current ideas competition are available on the Website  found in the innovation region of Central Germany. Since 2017, 35 projects have already been funded with a total of around 3,3 million euros via the pilot project “Untersuchung Revier” as part of the Central Germany innovation region.

The innovation region Central Germany is an inter-municipal association of the districts of Altenburger Land, Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Burgenlandkreis, Leipzig, Mansfeld-Südharz, Nordsachsen and Saalekreis as well as the cities of Halle (Saale) and Leipzig. The common goal is the development of strategies and projects for innovation and value creation in order to actively shape the structural change in the Central German mining area.

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