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Better information - Leipzig e-health project "eMMa" in live trial operation

At the University Hospital Leipzig (UKL) and in the Sana Kliniken Leipziger Land, the electronically created medication plan "eMMa" was launched at the beginning of March - initially as a test operation under routine conditions. “eMMa” stands for “patient-centric e-medication management as an add-on to the medication plan”. Developed by medical IT specialists, doctors and pharmacists, the computer tool is intended to help optimize the process of admitting patients to the hospital. "eMMa" is a joint project funded by the Free State of Saxony and the EU.

The core is the electronically available medication plan based on the model of the federal medication plan. If patients use this and have created a complete overview of their current medication via an app before their hospital stay, all data can then be quickly and reliably transferred to the hospital system. This leaves more time for the interview. It should also enable doctors to identify drug-related problems at an earlier stage.

“From now on, when we invite patients to our pharmacist drug consultation, we will point out the possibility of submitting their data and medication under '' enter,” explains Dr. Yvonne Remane, director of the UKL pharmacy. "We see this e-health project primarily as support for this conversation, which does not exist in this form at every clinic." and dr Ralf Sultzer, chief physician at the Geriatric Center Zwenkau explains: "With 'eMMa' we want to ensure that our patients come to the hospital with an up-to-date medication plan."

The focus is on the patient

"This is intended to identify drug-related problems in good time before they lead to risks for the patient," adds Prof. Dr. Thilo Bertsche from Center for Drug Safety (ZAMS), a joint institution of Leipzig University and UKL. Bertsche, who runs the ZAMS together with Dr. Remane continues, "We now want to investigate how this can improve patient safety."

“eMMa” is initially intended to optimize admission management and relieve the burden on doctors in hospitals and ultimately also in the outpatient sector. Doctors and pharmacists can of course supplement and change the information entered by the patient on the current drug therapy.
Patients are the direct focus of this project. It is important for everyone involved to point this out – after all, those who are ill know best what they are actually taking and which medications should be supplemented if they are self-medicating.

Further possible applications are planned in the long term. For example, the doctor should be informed at an early stage about the occurrence of undesirable effects of medication. The doctor can then react immediately to prevent a risk for the patient.
"The project impressively underlines the productive cooperation between medical-pharmaceutical science and the regional medical informatics industry in Saxony," says Florian Meißner from the Leipzig developer company GmbH.

ERDF funded project

The e-health project "eMMa - patient-centered e-medication management as an add-on to the medication plan" is a joint project of scientific institutions (university computer center, institute for applied computer science, independent department for general medicine) of the University of Leipzig and the center for drug therapy safety (ZAMS). University and the University Hospital Leipzig together with the regional economy ( GmbH, Mogic GmbH) and other actors in the region (HEALTHY SAXONY, association for the promotion of the health economy, eV, Sana Geriatric Center Zwenkau). It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project deals with a priority topic of the Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (SMS), which focuses on telemedicine, e-health and technical assistance systems. The aim of the project is to improve drug therapy safety using electronic medication management, which actively involves patients in their therapy.

The electronic medication plan can be downloaded here:

No personal data is transmitted, it is only stored locally on the device on which the data was entered.

Source: Press release from the Leipzig University Hospital of March 04th, 2020

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