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Application start for technology funding

Saxon technology funding has started: Applications for funding for research and development (R&D) in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Saxony can now be submitted to the SAB. The basis is the funding guideline "ERDF/JTF Technology Funding 2021 to 2027", which is a continuation of the previous program "ERDF Technology Funding 2014 to 2020". With the new technology funding program, Saxony wants to further strengthen the innovative power and thus the competitiveness of Saxon companies.

Economics and Labor Minister Martin Dulig: “By the end of 2027, we will be using a total of 600 million euros to further promote research and development in small and medium-sized companies and their cooperation partners in the Free State of Saxony. Thanks to European and Saxon funding, Saxony is excellently positioned for technology funding in the coming years. A total of EUR 503 million comes from the European Regional Development Fund, the ERDF. For the central German mining area, we have increased funding by ten million euros from the fund for a just transition in coal areas, the JTF. In this way, we prevent European money from running out prematurely in the so-called 'more developed region' around Leipzig. The same instruments, each with adequate resources, are therefore available in both areas. The Free State of Saxony is topping up the European funds with a total of 87 million euros in state funds. This means that we can continue to support research, development and innovation in companies with technology funding that is open to all technologies and industries, even in challenging times.«

The previous funding modules for funding research and development projects, for technology transfer funding and for granting innovation bonuses will be continued in a slightly modified form. The previously independent funding of pilot lines in the field of key technologies, the so-called Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), according to the "KETs Pilot Lines" funding guideline has been integrated into the new funding guideline:

The policy is effective immediately. Project outlines for R&D projects can be downloaded from the Saxon Development Bank’s funding portal at to be submitted.


In the 2014-2020 funding period, the Free State of Saxony approved grants of around EUR 2.566 million for 571 projects by Saxon companies and their cooperation partners as part of the ERDF technology funding and the KET pilot line funding. These included 1.197 R&D projects (individual, joint and KET projects), 1.250 innovation bonuses and 119 technology transfer projects 30.11.2022.


Source: Press release SMWA from February 05.01.2023, XNUMX

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As part of the white paper process on research in public scientific institutions in the Free State of Saxony, the Saxon Ministry of Science is launching an ideas competition. Under the label "science on stage - clear the stage for science", researchers are looking for original and creative solutions, impulses and suggestions for central fields of action of a future-oriented research policy in the Free State of Saxony. The competition will be held in two languages. Submissions are possible until March 17.03.2023, XNUMX.


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