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After Work BIO CITY LEIPZIG: Again on May 24th from 17 p.m.!

The cozy after-work event of the Leipzig life science community is entering the next round: We cordially invite you to a free beer under the motto "Oh my god it's just Wednesday! But there is beer!here in the BIO CITY LEIPZIG. Let's end the day together in a relaxed atmosphere with free beer (and of course a few alternative drinks). Friendly sponsor this time: AZENTA Life Sciences

Please also diligently share the event among your colleagues. Prior registration is not necessary.

We are open to ideas, requests, suggestions and, of course, sponsorship requests. Feel free to contact

Best Regards,

your biosaxony-Team

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Technology funding and market launch: Saxony supports innovative companies with 2027 million euros until 740

Since the beginning of 2023, the Free State of Saxony has launched a number of funding programs for innovative companies. With the support of the European Union, around 740 million euros are available for new technologies and their market launch.


Researchers are developing a new method for synthesizing an active ingredient in cannabis plants

A research group from the University of Leipzig has developed a new method for synthesizing cis-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - a natural substance that is part of the cannabis plant, which causes the characteristic psychoactive effect and could be used in the pharmaceutical industry, among other things.